You have to start somewhere…

I spent a wicked few days at the Winter X Games 14, and it wasn’t the first time. By chance last year I managed to get myself a spot on the Colby West support crew. My very good friend, Mark Dobson happens to be Colby’s coach, Dobson needed a side kick…

Winter X Games is a blast! Last year was a social holiday for me, I had come off six months of travel in the UK and Europe. I was about seven kilos heavier and I could drink twice my weight in beer (and tequilla).

This year the Winter Games held a professional capacity for me. Not only was I going to be support for Colby West, one of the best freestyle skiers in the world but I would also be media. I was there to write for an Australian Magazine. I had a media pass, I had entry to a media tent and access to some crazy athletes. I was able to catch up with Anna Segal, the winner of Slopestyle in 2009. I caught up with Russ Henshaw who took on the Big Air Skiing and the Slopestyle, he is having a killer season in the Big Air. I caught up with Snowboarder, Alex Pullin, who was not only competing at the X Games but also made his way to Vancouver for the Winter Olympics.

History was made at Winter X Games 14. Bobby Brown and Jossi Wells both hit 14’s in the Skiing Big Air, and TJ Schiller bought out a massive never been done before 1620. He said he got half way around and decided to just keep on going.

The Winter X Games was my debut into the world of media at a massive scale event. I hope it is one of many to come.

Since then I have been helping with a book that will be out soon. Tune in next week when I report back about the Youth Summit that Youth Services, Yarra Ranges held in aid to increase awareness during Youth Week.


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