Detox has started…

I have the sudden urge to share with everyone my latest venture into the unknown…

Firstly, you need to know that I love beer and vodka and wine! At about 5pm everyday I get a craving for crisps or chocolate, and I am prone to skipping meals or eating way too many carbohydrates. But, I have had problems with my tonsils and tonsillitis for ten years. In 2008 I had my tonsils removed but i have continued to have all the side effects… sore throat, tense muscles, headache, lethargic etc etc etc.

After tackling the problem the way the doctors advised, pumping antibiotics into my body and achieving short term results I have decided to do it the Naturopath way and embark on a detox that will last between 6-8 weeks. The decision was not made lightly but the tests the Naturopath did made it clear that my liver and my stomach was in need of serious tender loving care. So here we go…

I am taking a tablet called Parex, a potent anti-parasitic herbal combination. apparently it helps rid the body of intestinal worms and parasites and reduces the risk of further infestation, among other functions it also assists in maintaining healthy digestive function. I take three tablets, twice a day on top of my regular vitamin C and Zinc, so right now I am feeling pretty tabbed up.

I am at the end of my second day of the program, I guess it will get harder before it gets easier. I won’t bore you with all the details of what I can or can’t eat but I do want to share what I have eaten so you can get a taste of how mundane this diet may become (I need to remind myself to use the recipes they have provided in the detox book).

Yesterday started off great! I had a whey shake with water of course, no milk and a bunch of mixed berries, that was yummy. Lunchtime was challenging, I was at a function and everyone was eating pizza. I pulled out of my bag a tupperware container with brown rice, spinach, cucumber and chicken. It was defiantly hard to fight the smell of the pizza, but a few people came up to me and said they wished they were having what I had because the pizza was not satisfying, I was smiling inside.

So lunch was fine, I was so full I didn’t finish off the small serving that I had dished out for myself that morning. I was feeling pretty good about myself, until the afternoon sugar craving hit me. In an attempt to deal with the cravings, I ate my second apple for the day, drank a heap of water and I finished off my lunch… and when that didn’t work, I slept.

I woke up hungry as ever but it was only 5pm. I counted the minutes until dinner time, mmm what to have, chicken again. Chicken with avocado, mushroom and spinach, it actually turned out yummy!

The second day I think went smoother that the first except in the afternoon my body wasn’t sure if it wanted to throw up. I was going to tackle fish for dinner but due to that slight hiccup and having a headache I decided to go with corn on the cob and a mixed berry/water shake instead.

So there we have it, two days down. It’s a Saturday night, I am sitting at home blogging on the macbook and watching a film.. who would have thought the life of a detox patient would be so thrilling.


2 comments on “Detox has started…

  1. Kudos to you for embarking on a detox.

    I have done several Master Cleanse detox with amazing results each time but I am still battling with adult acne and stubborn weight loss so I keep trying different methods. πŸ™‚

    I am doing a parasite cleanse program myself right now (for the first time) and it is less than fun. My G.I. tract sounds/feels like it is battling WWIII and so far I switch between headaches and fatigue.

    I have three weeks to go on this herbal detox program so it will be interesting to see what the end result is like!

    • I guess we think why we put our body through what is now against our society with the land of fried food. But, I guess we must keep in mind our health and how we can better it, without missing out on the things that matter.

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