Day 3 Detox

I am so hungry… I feel like I am hungry all the time, I feel like nothing I eat is good enough. I want chocolate…

I worked at the basketball today and I was expecting it to be easy to eat my fruit and veg because last time i was there the players had fruit for their after game functions… Today they had pizza!

Just as I start detox everything seems to get hard but I am keeping in mind my super short dress that I am wearing to my cousins wedding in London, in June. And I am also keeping in mind being in Corfu on the yacht in my little cute bikini. So that is what is driving me through this time of hardship when all I want to eat is chocolate…

Good thing today I found out  that I am allowed to eat soya sauce and gluten free bread (but only occasionally).

I just ate grilled butterfish which was amazing and then I had some spicy vegies that mum threw together…they we actually pretty good. Mmmm this detox is making my mind float all over the place.


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