The chocolate cravings have stopped…

I am pumped that the chocolate cravings have stopped.

This morning whilst I was trying to swallow my three detox tablets, one Zinc tablet and two Vitamin C’s after I had a dose of my herbal disgusting flavoured sore throat medicine I dry reached! It resulted in a few tablets coming back up to the surface. I left the two Vitamin C tablets in the bin.

It was my first day at camp on detox. Andrew (the Chef) rolled out my favourite muffins for morning tea. All the meals get cooked for us here and it is so easy to just sit down and eat whatever is in front of you. But at lunch time I drove down to Moe, I picked up some tasteless gluten free bread, tomato, turkey and avocado. Also I picked up all I would need for dinner, which by the way I ended up having lightly sizzled zucchini and mushrooms with some underdone corn.

I just had my friend describe to me what his BBQ shapes taste like that he was eating. He was going to follow them with chocolate biscuits.

Another thing I wanted to mention is the farting, I just can’t stop it. So many vegies my body doesn’t know what to to with them. I didn’t think my diet was that bad before but my body knows otherwise.

It’s strange though I thought I would miss beer more. The busier I am the less time I have to think about food, love it!

I think the chocolate cravings might swap themselves for apple cravings, strange.

I wonder… Would it be easier to lock myself in a room for 6 weeks than to be faced with the temptation of delicious unhealthy food everyday?


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