There is junk food available EVERYWHERE!

It wasn’t my intention to go on Detox to loose weight but it is defiantly going to be a bonus if I do, and it may help with the motivation to stay on track. In my first week of Detox I managed to drop two kilos. Except being on a strict eating regime I didn’t really exercise except when I was working.

Yesterday I added a new tablet into the mix. I am still taking three Parex, morning and night. Now, I am also taking UltraProbioplex Capsules. They are high immunofactor colostrum with trace nutrients, they provide convenient nutritional support for normal healthy immune function. Whatever that means! I have completely dropped the Zinc and Vitamin C Vitamins, eight tablets in one hit was going to be too much.

Boyfriend was so good to me yesterday, he made me an amazing dinner. Chicken Stir-fry with mushrooms, capsicum, spring onion, red onion, carrots, beans and more. It was so so good. Then he made a fruit salad, it was just as amazing. The only problem was when I put a piece of banana in my mouth and I was about to chew down on, I suddenly remembered I am not allowed banana, I spat it out into cling wrap, quick.

I feel like since I started detox my body has become so aware of the food that surrounds it. When I was driving home from my boyfriend’s house today I was so aware of what sort of food I could buy on the way home. Golden Arches, the Red Rooster, Hungry Jacks, Kernel, Bakery (hot bread). The other thing which I love doing is going to Yarra Glen Bakehouse and getting a coffee, it provides a great work break when I am at home writing. Another thing I can’t do!

I am excited about dinner though. My favourite food is Mexican and I have found a great modification of it. I am trying to think of my favourite meals and working how I can modify them to suit Detox.Β I spent like an hour in the supermarket reading the packets of everything to make sure I could eat it.

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