Like an onion, detox is starting to peel away the layers…

… it may make me totally loose (or find) myself by the end.

Detox has been very confronting for me. In usual circumstances it is easy to have a drink to block out your thoughts, and then have another one. Detox doesn’t allow you that luxury, you have to face all your thoughts.

My mind is defiantly waking up, there are so many thoughts flying around in there that before I can manage one, there is another one distracting me again.

I had an appointment with the Naturopath today. We came up with some action plans to make detox easier for me, which I will reveal as they come into play. I need to make some girlfriends if I am going to get out of this detox alive, when it comes to food choices, boys are not that supportive.

Insulex has just been added into my cauldron of medications. Insulex aids in promoting healthy blood sugar, triglyceride and cholesterol levels. It is supposed to help me with my massive cravings for the sugar I am not allowed to eat. I can’t even remember what to take and when, I have it all written down on pieces of paper.

My six week detox has just been extended to seven weeks. Two down, five to go!


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