The rise and fall…

I must say, I am a little bit excited that I didn’t have time to write on my blog yesterday. This means that I was out and about, laughing and having a good time. The Naturopath and I came to the conclusion that being a hermit was not the way to get through detox smiling, and I need more female friends rather than getting all my advice from my reliable, straight up guy friends.

Besides breakfast, which is the easiest meal on detox, last night was my first dinner away from the comfort being in complete control of the preparation of my food. Thai Chicken Salad, an excellent choice. I must admit, I wanted a parma after a massive day and work. But, I was defiantly happy to see the large pub meal portion.

Following dinner, back at the staff house, we laughed. Then we laughed some more, and then we laughed some more. There are bonuses in working with good friends. We laughed until our stomachs were tight with pain and we were out of breath.

Today I finished work at 3 in Trafalgar, I jumped in the car and drove the hour and a half home. I was aiming for a quick shower and change, before I packed all my DJ gear in the car to work from six till ten. Mum was a picture when I got home, she had prepared an early 5pm dinner for me. Greens and Fish, with falafel. She left the packet for the falafels on the bench, yep all detox friendly ingredients in them.

Mum was so chuffed that she had found a chocolate muffin mix that was free of gluten, wheat, dairy, egg, yeast, GMO, soy and was a vegan option. She was so proud of her creations. I checked the box, they contain sugar and obviously cocoa. They also contain potato starch, all ingredients that are not detox friendly.

I had to try them, it was too much pressure. Do I feel like I have failed? I am not really sure how I feel, I might have to let you know tomorrow. I don’t feel as if I can enjoy them completely. However, look at it this way, what I ate tonight is a lot better than what I would have eaten pre-detox.


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