A few years ago, while I was at university, I had this massive bout of vomiting. It’s a toss up, whether the heat gave it to me or something I ate. The tastes that I remember while I was in that condition were bircher muesli, it was heavily sprinkled with cinnamon and it has a dollop of yoghurt on the top.

These days my body chooses to avoid such food. But, I have been wondering why everytime that I take all my detox pills in the morning and night, I seem to want to dry-reach and vomit. It could be due to the obsessive number of pills I have been taken, or it could be that one of the main ingredients in the Parex is cinnamon.

There is not really anyway to get around this, except that I have almost finished the container of tablets. And, lets hope I don’t get anymore after that.

One note I want to add is, I can still easily eat cinnamon donuts (I don’t enjoy them as much).

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