The juice was not worth the squeeze.

Today when I was driving home from work I realised that I needed lunch, and I am learning on detox not to let the hunger hang around for too long otherwise it just takes over. I then proceeded to do something I have never done before, for no apparent reason I went out for lunch. Normally if I have lunch by myself its because I’m shopping or something, it just felt really random today.

I went to the Red Tongue cafe on Brunswick Street (it’s an old favourite of mine). I sat at a small table in the corner where I could watch the people walk by on the street and read the Herald Sun. An all day breakfast menu is always a bonus. I ordered two poached eggs on gluten free bread, with tomato, mushrooms and avocado. It was highly satisfying to take a random timeout and have lunch with myself.


Later I stopped at the supermarket to get the ingredients for these gluten & dairy free, apple & blueberry muffins that I found. The sugar in the recipe came from natural honey, so I was feeling pretty acceptive of the recipe. I quickly found the ingredients, all but one, gluten-free soy compound. I have no idea what that is, I asked a mum that was shopping for here dairy intolerant kid, she seemed to think it was the same as Nutelex (non-dairy butter).

I get home and start putting everything in the blender, working my way down the list. I get to the method of the gluten-free soy compound and it needs to be sifted. Great, Nutelex just ain’t going to cut it. I ring a couple of other local supermarkets and of course, its an ingredient I was supposed to get at a health food store. I decide to make up the amount with the gluten-free flour.

I tasted the mix, it tasted terrible, but I was optimistic that it would be better when it was cooked (keep in mind that it is a whole new experience for me to be cooking with gluten-free anything). The muffins were raising well and browning nicely in the over. I found it strange that they didn’t let off a strong aroma like normal flour cakes that you bake.

The muffins were bad, they were really bad. If anything was going to make them work, it would be to put twice the amount of blueberries and apple in them and maybe use all the right ingredients. They just looked so pretty in the picture, nothing like what mine look like. Seriously, disgusting.


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