Calling for your help, Detox, the last two weeks.

My Naturopath asked me whether I was good to complete the last two weeks of detox considering the week I have had.

And I replied ” I am going through a break-up, two weeks of detox, easy”.

So, I fight the urge to drink a beer and I engage myself into the final two weeks of detox.

It’s just a matter of going through the motions, the sugar cravings don’t seem to come around that often. Although, last week I did sneak 3 squares of dark, organic chocolate. I think that was more out of boredom. For these final two weeks I have a lot more time, I quit a job.

I am going to hold you accountable for my exercise (I mean I will hold my blog accountable, really, there is not that many people out there reading up). Okay, these last two weeks are for me. I WILL exercise everyday.

Big Call, exercising is many moods away from where I am now. But, its a challenge none the less.

For the formalities, I have three more detox supplements for this journey. Firstly, Ultra Flora Restore, a high potency probiotic capsule. It is going to assist me in restoring the levels of normal friendly bacteria. Dosage 2 capsules, twice daily.

Secondly, G-Tox Express, a gastrointestinal and kidney detoxification support, a cleanser for my insides. Dosage 1 1/2 scoops twice daily (just took it in water, not the best idea, I think its best to have it in a shake).

Thirdly, Thermo Phase Detox, nutritional and herbal support for liver detoxification, helping me maintain a healthy digestive system. Dosage 1 1/2 scoop, twice daily. Yummy! Vanilla flavour. Of course, these three supplements go hand in hand with my Zinc and Vitamin C tablets.

Time to exercise. First, I must make a new 80’s outfit to get me excited about parading around like a baboon, the more uncool I look, the less people will worry about how much I am struggling to run.

Hey readers, help me keep on track. Tell me something that made you laugh today or tell me about the awesome workout you had?

Tell me what inspires you?

Keep me inspired!

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We all can dream…


6 comments on “Calling for your help, Detox, the last two weeks.

  1. well you’re doing well with jessica alba as an inspriation, man she is a babeee!

    this photo can pick me up and get me in the mood anytime i need to achieve something. As she is pretty much my idol.

    this vid clip always helps.
    fun. dance. love life.

  2. Well I rode my 2nd horse today in the miserable weather , I needed to get out in the fresh air and get some exercise
    Having lunch today with friends younger and older was pretty good fun and great to ee how some of them are such active lives are still looking pretty good for their age
    Life is good

  3. Hey spunky! I hope that you managed to get some exercise in. Those mighty endorphins are pretty powerful mood shifters. I’ve been doing 250 – 280 sit-ups a day…not that impressive on it’s own accord, but considering I had back surgery two months ago, I’m pretty damn pleased with myself! Keep the detox up…you’ve come this far and you’ll be pleased that you did it when it’s all over with.

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