Just to get started…

As you can see my outfit is good, not one of my best but defiantly a keeper. The T-shirt is about 9 years old and it has some text on the back (that used to be the front). You can’t go passed the hot pink leggings and the little boardies over the top, that conveniently have a pocket for my Ipod. This is what I did just to get me started.

Run 2k’s with Boxing Gloves on, rain in my face.

Punching bag: 20 punches, 10 squats, 30 punches, 10 squats, 40 punches, 10 squats, 50 punches, 10 squats, 60 punches, 10 squats, 70 punches, 10 squats, 80 punches, 10 squats, 90 punches, 10 squats, 100 punches, 10 squats.

20 jab/punches


Also, I met with Humey down at the lake and we took our dogs for a walk for an hour!


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