I’m starting to like this place

It is the first day that I can actually say that I love detox and I am completely comfortable with the situation I am in.

My body looks amazing. I have energy. Today I even said to mum that I am not missing bread or dairy.

I went dress shopping today and the options were endless, I felt as if I could try whatever I wanted on. I fulfilled a dream today, I purchased a Wayne Cooper dress, I’m in love!

The one thing that I do want to look into is the mood swings, why did Detox hit me so hard with them. And, why is it that it has taken me 4 1/2 weeks to become a stable human being, instead of a sugar derived animal.

Detox has finally become my friend. I don’t want to loose this body (as vain as it sounds).


One comment on “I’m starting to like this place

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