To break the habits of society

As a society, we all know that chocolate, relations with someone attractive and exercise all make us happy, due to the endorphins released.

Last night I was the third wheel on a date with my sister and her boyfriend (a first, it’s normally the other way around). We went for dinner, and to see Robin Hood. Whilst we were browsing the menu of La Premiere, I had this really difficult moment. I was having a lull in my mood and I realised that at that moment I was unable to have, or do, any of those three things.

It saddened my greatly…

I truly believe that exercise is assisting me in coming through with the goods everyday. There is something about loud music, excessive sweat and lack of breath that really makes you feel alive and makes it feel worth it. Yesterday, although a light approach, a lap around the lake with my surgery recovering dog was rewarding.

Tegan & Sara, The Living Room continues to get me excited and up out of the work chair, or off the couch. Also I just got a new Ipod. If you buy them online then you can engrave them for free!

The story behind what I got written on mine: “You are a smart, sexy and beautiful woman”

At work I love to write on the mirror for motivation for the staff for the day. Whether it is as simple as “Let’s kickarse today” or one of my more complicated notes “Emu’s were jibbed at birth, but you guys were given wings, so fly, fly.”

I had never tried to motivate myself by writing on my mirror, I tried it last week, it felt good. My sister got word on the pens and also wrote on my mirror “Remember, you are a smart, sexy and beautiful woman”, so that’s how it came to be on my Ipod.


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