Eggs in the morning, can’t go wrong.

I’m not going to lie, yesterday was not one of my best. I hardly did enough exercise to break a sweat (walked the dog around home and tried to wade in the pool, cold!).

Last night I gave in to having a couple squares of melted dark chocolate on toast, gluten free of course. Now I know how that feels I won’t do it again, it make me feel slightly unwell. I think it must have been my brain that wanted it, not my body.

I must REMEMBER, exercise WILL impact MY day, to be ABLE to get the BEST out of MYSELF.

On the brightside, I am absolutely loving Detox, aside from the supplements. I look forward to continuing a life of greater health when I come off the program. Five days, and scared of the possibilities, post-detox.

I want to continue to look, and feel great!


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