Thank you Mr. Wolf

The legs are not feeling the freshest today.

I expect that since my new running partner and I decided that we are going to do the half marathon, they may be a few more days like this one. My basketball game that I just played felt slightly slow motion, it took a little while for my legs to register direction changes.

Dinner, last night, I have to send a massive shout out to Mr Wolf in St Kilda. It was my sisters 30th, so it was her choice of venue. The meal was the least stressful I have ordered since I have been on Detox.

Apparently, they are part of the celiac foundation or something. Anyways, they get strange orders coming through the doors all the time. My order was as follows, a gluten free pizza base with tomatoes, onion, eggplant, mushroom and pumpkin. No cheese on top. Mr Wolf took it in their stride. So whether you are dieting, detoxing, gluten intolerant, dairy intolerant, then Mr Wolf is the place to go for a good, wood-fire pizza.


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