In the middle, neither in, or out.

Right now, I feel as if I am in no man’s land. I had a couple of drinks at my sisters 30th last night. Now, I feel as if I have cheated my body somehow, even though we had agreed that the detox was going to cease that day.

I still have supplements left, which I will finish. I am still driven to stay away from dairy, wheat and everything else prescribed for Detox. But, am I at a stage now that I can have that chocolate I want, or the chocolate chip cookie I was craving so bad from the bakery.

I’m not really sure, I don’t want to rewind all my hard work (the results were great on Friday).

If I am planning to run the half marathon in October then I might as well stick to this sort of diet.

I have an appointment with the Naturopath on Monday so I can address all these thoughts then.

PS. Yesterday, I ran to The Tan and back from Cremorne. I went around The Tan once and a half. Let’s say it was about a 7-8km round journey. I am pretty happy with that!


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