A quiet, foggy, cold morning…

I have been totally busy this week.

Amongst other exercise, I managed to smash out a massive run yesterday.

Picture this…

A quiet road, 6.30 am, its still dark out and there is a thick layer of fog over the ground. I had a trusty friend by my side and we set out for a run around a block. The run may have only been 4.5 kilometres long, but, there is nothing like a massive hill to make your body think it has run 10km!

We ran along the road, quickly jumping to the side when a car was near. There wasn’t much of a warm up on the flat before we came upon the hill. It wasn’t straight up, but it was LONG and winding. I could hear Sarah saying “one metre ahead, one metre ahead”, I was saying “Come on, Sammy”. We were in our own worlds.

We made it, giving each other the knuckles at the top. We were in pain, but, the beautiful thing when you reach the top of a hill, you get to come back down again.

We jumped the fence to get back into our property and ran down the hill. Time check, 7.10am. A great way to start a Thursday morning, running with a great friend on a freezing cold morning, on the roads in the outskirts of Trafalgar, Victoria.


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