Energy Expenditure must be higher than intake to equal weight loss

A little off the topic and to the left…

We all know the simple formula to loose weight, energy expenditure must be higher than energy intake.

Detox is beautiful because you never have a day that you feel as if you have counterbalanced this formula the wrong way. Today I gave myself a get out of jail free card because it was further celebrations for my sister’s 30th. I don’t feel guilty for my day but I do feel as if my intake outweighed my energy expenditure.

I was feeling super-tired this morning after a big swim yesterday. I went for an hour long, walk/run through and around the Tan. I went shopping up and down bridge road with friends.

We shopped for Pauly, a friend of mine that never steps foot in stores. He has proceeded to live the whole time I have known him (5 years) dressing in hand-me-downs, clothes friends don’t want and presents he has received. These days he has just been wearing clothes straight out of his housemates wardrobe. Anyways, he is heading off overseas and clearly he needed a new wardrobe and some guidance on his choices. A great outing.

And then, I went to Sex and the City Gold Class with my sister. Where we had a cocktail and a chocolate tart, completely delicious.

That was 4-5 hours ago and I still am full, but slightly bloated. Anyways, this long winded explanation of my day has led me to believe that it may be easier to stay away from the toxins, which everyday gets proven even more.

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2 comments on “Energy Expenditure must be higher than intake to equal weight loss

  1. heya, you said you wanted workout posted, and i was looking and was not sure where to post it, so im going to do it here, it is really simple;
    It is call 100!

    When what it is 100 reps of a particular exercise;
    so the exercises are : Squats
    You do one exercise a day, e.g. you wouldnt ddo 100 squats then 100 push ups on the same day.

    At the start, you can do the exercise in sets you can handle e.g. 15,10, 5 or whatever, and keep going till you get to 100.
    On day you are pushed for time, do it throughout the day, e.g. as soon as you get out of bed pump out 10 reps, then here and there throughout the day pump out reps.

    Then the next day do the next exercise, its simple but im not going to lie its painful. When that gets comfortable, set yourself a time frame to complete your hundred, e.g. under 20mins to complete 100 squats!

    There is one more catch, you must complete as least one of these days before saturday night! possibly even 2 day, one tomorrow, and one saturday!
    good luck trooper!!
    much love

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