The last two days I think that I have experienced every emotion possible… except maybe euphoria.

Yesterday, I was extremely overwhelmed, I got so stressed when I couldn’t get my email to work.

On top of that I am scared about not having the options of food that I want when I go overseas. I don’t want to be as strict as I have in the last 8 weeks, but I still want the options. I want my family to support me in wanting to stay healthy and well, after all that is the reason I did Detox in the first place. Which, I must inform you that I have completed eight weeks.

I want to send a massive SHOUT out to Papa Bear, he saved my soul yesterday. My dad-dio and I have not always had the greatest relationship, but we have made a conscious effort to work our friendship. In the latter years, I have learned to appreciate his wisdom and knowledge, even though sometimes we feel generations apart.  I can honestly say that we can talk about almost anything. Yesterday he made my big problems seem manageable, I try and talk to him every week.

I am no longer viewing my eating habits as Detox, more, lifestyle changes. They are choices that will assist me to follow my career dreams.

Today I had my last Naturopath appointment until I get back from overseas. I hit a low of emotions, there were tears, which I am not proud of. But, sometimes I think that water that falls down our face allows us to take a step back, and reflect on the bigger picture.

Let us remember the good parts of our day. I bought some cute beach pants to wear on the yacht in Corfu next week. I went for an awesome run, even though I ended up with wet shoes and mud all over me. I have great friends. I have a roof over my head, heating, hot shower and food in the fridge. If that is not something to be happy about, then what’s the point?

Feel free to share the good parts of your day…


One comment on “Euphoria?

  1. Hangin’ with my bestie… french toast/ lifestyle breakfast… sorting life out, laughing, inspiring and admiring! that was my day with you! love lady lumps. dj xxx

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