I can almost say that running is fun!

I never thought I would say that running is fun.

Running 5km’s at the moment is so easy, to think that a month ago I couldn’t even run to the end of the road (granted it is up and onto hills straight away). In the bigger picture, if I am running 21km’s in October, you would hope that a 5km jog is easy.

I will miss my training buddy more than she knows when I am overseas but I will keep my eye on the prize. The only thing that makes me nervous is being on a yacht for a week and not having any flexibility in my diet or being able to run around. On the other hand, I am heading into warm weather, sunshine, which means a suntan when I come back to cold Melbourne in July!

I am all set for the flight tomorrow. When I flew over to USA in January I was jealous of the people that had special dietary requirements because they always get fed first.

I have joined the elite!

You can ring and request your dietary requirements up to 24 hours before you fly overseas, which is awesome for me because I love leaving things to the last minute. The request, no dairy, no wheat and no red meat.

Now, to pack. It’s the worst bit about going anywhere, I hate packing!


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