I did not miss a beat!

Dietary requirements on the plane was well worth it!

It was awesome getting food before everyone else and they were meals that didn’t punish my stomach.

Since landing in London, I have not missed a beat. I went for a run to try and get into the habit straight away, as well as trying to get rid of my kankles that I developed on the plane ride.

Day 1 holiday: 25 minutes run. My legs felt like tree trunks, really heavy. Apart from that I felt great.

My problem is that without my running buddy I get bored, I stop just cause…

The goal is to be running for an hour by the time I get home, which personally I think I could do now but my brain looses interest.

Any ideas people? How can I keep entertained while I run, I already carry and Ipod…

Anyone got any secrets for me?


4 comments on “I did not miss a beat!

  1. Agreed Sam. It’s really hard to stay in it mentally for that long. The treadmills at the gym are awesome because they have TVs. Other than that, I’ve got nothing…

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