A Four Day Wedding, Brilliant!


I have just spent the last four days at a holiday wedding in Denmead, Hampshire. We arrived in Denmead on Thursday, set up on Friday, wedding on Saturday, BBQ on Sunday. And, what’s surprising is that the bride and groom stay around for the Sunday gathering. Unlike in Australia, where we generally pick a wedding close to home where we can attend for a day and then sleep in our own bed that night.

Thursday, us kids drove up to the venue. A trip that was only supposed to take us 1.5 hours from Amersham, turned out to be a trip of approximately 3 hours. We had to via Twickenham to pick up Cuz’s golf clubs so he could tee off in the afternoon with the groom to be.

We dropped him off at Chichester Golf course. The premises has 3 courses, one nine hole, two eighteen hole courses and a crazy golf course. My sister, her boyfriend and I went off to find some lunch.

We were looking for a place called the Crab and something, but we were unsuccessful in our findings, there is a pub on every corner. We settled for a local fish and chips place in Selsey near the beach.

In hindsight it was not the best option. We had Salmon, but it wasn’t pink, which I found was a little strange, it was white and it had bones in it.

We then proceeded to search for the accompanist for my sister, for her vocals at the wedding. We stumbled upon horse country on Hayling Island. This bought us to the first quote of our holiday “What are all these flags for, some kind of election?” (My sister’s boyfriend, in reference to the World Cup Flags, he is not really into sport).

Whilst waiting for my sister to practice, her boyfriend and I headed down to the “beach”, or the pebbles. Similar to Brighton in Melbourne, the shores are filled with small picturesque beach houses. A strange site was the boat houses. They are old boats propped up on the shore, which have had houses built onto them.

A quick rush back to hotel for a run, a shower and off on a girls night out…


The setup:

An early start, to the brides parents house. Time to load up the car, with booze, decorations and other necessaries.

The Peugeot looked like it was straight out of the Mark Wahlberg version of the Italian Job. It was completely filled with wine, and beer, and spirits. The seatbelt beeper even went off the whole time due to the weight.

The Barn, the setting of the reception is beautiful. We set up tables, the photoboard, tables lists, the kitchen and more. The caterers dropped off all the glasses, cutlery, plates etc.

And then, to the church for rehersals!

The last night of the groom’s freedom was spent at the Ball and Bat with his close friends and family. We watched the England v Algeria, useless game by London a 0 – 0 score line.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


I would have to say that this is close to my most favourite wedding I have ever been to. It might have had something to do with my involvement, or the fact that it was close family but it was a cracker of a day.

The service was beautiful. I didn’t trip and fall on my face on the way up to my reading, which is always a relief. My sister’s singing was heavily applauded, and she even got a standing ovation. My sister received so much praise and people continued to ask her if she was a professional. It didn’t get dark until 10pm, it felt odd that you only had two more hours to party after the dun went down. A massive day, ceremony at 1pm and reception kick out at midnight, I am astounded that I lasted in my new heels. There were 120 guests for the sit down meal, later 30 more guests arrived for the dancing (a live band). At 9.30 a Thai buffet and a Chocolate Fondu was served, were defiantly were not going to be hungry.


Pack Up.

Back to the Brides Parents house.

Open presents.

Eat some food.

Have some laughs.

Sunbake, or Sun Nap shall I say.

And home we go.

Exhausted… need sleep.


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