I hope your days aren’t too mundane…

Sailing in the Greek Islands, will check in again in a few days!

Writing an article for Go Cruising Magazine in Australia.

To my running buddy out there, I have been running everyday… about 40 minutes today. Tell me how you are going, my internet was too slow to get into Facebook, I thought the blog would get to you!

Currently sitting on the deck of the boat, moored at the shore of the capital of Paxos. Enjoying a bevie and about to go for a snorkel.


2 comments on “I hope your days aren’t too mundane…

  1. Oh good girl! Every day on holidays? You’re amazing! So proud of you!!!
    I havent been going so well. I injured my back last September quite badly, and the injury decided to return last Thursday at my personal training session. So it’s had me out of action for a week or so. No work. No running. No anything. It was so disappointing because before that Id been running every night on the treadmill and getting into a bit of a routine.
    However, my back is feeling a lot better today and my exams are now over so Im ready to get on track.
    Personal trainer in the morning so I’ll see how I go with that and try to organise a massage. I know whats wrong and my trainer told me what I need to do, so thats a good start.
    Anyway, more to the point.. glad to hear you’re having such a fabulous time! So totally crazily jealous that you’re in the Greek Islands!
    You’re going to come back all relaxed and tanned and fit and no doubt happy as Larry. Knowing that will probably provide me with lots of inspiration!
    Anyway, once again very proud to hear how well you’re doing. Legend!!
    xx S

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