Keep waiting, waiting, for the sun to rise…

Can’t sleep, the mosquitos have got to me. I am waiting for the sun to come up so I can go for a run. Running is a great way to see new towns, because it’s quicker than walking so you see more stuff in a shorter period of time AND you feel great while you do it. Ipod in one pocket and camera in the other, brilliant!

I am pretty pumped that it has taken the mosquitos 5 nights to completely maul me and hinder my sleep patterns.

Last night at dinner I allowed myself to indulge, my stomach still paying for it now.

Beer and Mousaka. Mousaka is a Greek dish much like Shepherds Pie or Lasagne, but with its own authentic twist. Lets start at the bottom… Β Potato, minced lamb, aubergine, and then that awesome cheesy fluff that you find on the other dishes of the same family. The great thing in Greece is that in most cases they throw in a free desert, other nights it has been a selection of fruit, last night it was some kind of sweet cake and Ozzu. Cake, great. Ozzu, handballed that to one of my counterparts.

Last night on the boat tomorrow. But, then the following night we are spending on a ferry, on a 10 hour trip over to Italy in airplane chairs. Bright idea, not really!


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