Bari to Barrea

Today has been one of those misaligned days that we get dealt. Although today, at times the misalignment has been totally amusing.

We get off the ferry this morning, again, even with enquiries we get charged too much for the taxi to Hertz. We get to Hertz, excited about car hire for our six day roadtrip. One problem, they donโ€™t have a car for us and my sisters, boyfriends information is not on the computer.

We ring my sisters housemate in Australia, for him to get on computer, look through emails and get our reservation number. Snap! The reservation was for yesterday and they gave away our car. The only car left at Hertz was a Fiat, I was up for the challenge but we probably would have had to leave all our luggage behind.

The lady at Hertz directs us 100 metres up the road to another car company. Hillarious, really in the middle of Bari and we donโ€™t have a mode of transport. Lucky, this other company has a vechile for us, and we can drop it off at Venice at our last spot.

We even had a choice, a Chevy family car or a slightly smaller car. Due to our luggage we opted for the Chevy. Four of us and our baggage ready to go. So how do we get out of Bari? Confusion after confusion – find the coastal road. We found it, we lost it, meanwhile Italians were beeping and throwing their fists up at us.

We learn quickly why everyone drives small cars or ride Vespas in Italy. The inner city streets are tiny, we drive with both mirrors in and we could hear the wheels squeaking on the curb. At some stage during being lost we enter a one way, or no through road – people in cars have to wait for us to exit at the other end.

Fewf! We make it out of the city. We set our sights on Barrea. The trip, simple, really. Bari – Foggia – Campobasso – Isernia – Castel of Sangro – Barrea.

This is how it went…

– Lost in Bari

– Took the wrong exit trying to turn onto the ring road in Foggia – took the long way round, momentarily lost.

– Campobasso, we found easily, just couldn’t get out.

– Insernia, lost again!

– After that it was a relatively ย smooth trip.

Barrea is a beautiful, old town, nestled up in the hills, overlooking a large lake. Vintage buildings and vintage people… but not many people.

We search for hotels, either we can’t find them or they are all closed. We find a bed and breakfast, 60 Euro for the night. We trudge our bags up two flights of stairs, but well worth it when we see the bathrooms. We feel like celebs after 7 nights on boats.

I go for a run, mum goes for a walk. Awesome 35 minute run in altitude, followed by 100 pushups. No internet to send story. We wanted to be off the beaten track but this may have been more than we bargained for. In search of dinner we learn that it is off season, peak season begins 1st July, everything is closed! Except the small number of hotels, that you have to be staying there to get fed. Its 8.30 pm and we are in desperate search of food.

We find one!

Given my recent diet change to no wheat and no dairy, reading a menu in Italian is a task. Its all too hard, no dinner. I stroll down the street, too hungry to watch other people eat. Back at the B and B I trip up the stairs, bleeding finger, stubbed my toe and grazed my knee, and it wasn’t even an inch funny.

One night here, back on road again in morning.

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