Barrea to Greive in Chianti

Oh this was a really long day, I am having trouble remembering how it started.

Breakfast at Barrea 9am

We were the only guests in the bed and breakfast. Everything was sweet – croissants, biscuits, cake, yoghurt – not even any fruit. I thought about pulling out a bowl of Corn Flakes.

Even before we left Barrea, we went the wrong way. We spent a heap of time in the car today, but we did have a minor mishap along the way. We were searching for internet to send the sailing story, but internet in Italy is close to impossible.

In L’Aquilla we spent 1.5 hours searching for internet, we even tried at MacDonalds and that didnt work.

We eventually make it out to Chianti. It is much like the Yarra Valley. We are staying at a 47 hectare vineyard/cellardoor, absolutely gorgeous.

AND there is internet in town, I am glad we wasted all that time looking in L’Aquilla.

2.5 hours to upload story – all done now, can enjoy Italy, mmm red wine!

A day in the wineries tomorrow. Had the most amazing chunky, tomato soup for dinner.


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