Goodbye Greece

I think it is strange how much I love transit (except airplanes), trains, buses and ferries are all great. Sitting in the airport is fun but not the actual flying.

I love that when you are in transit you can’t move any faster. You are living in that present moment. It was brilliant to be in transit with mum, to be with her through her first backpacking like, experience.

We spent an hour and a half on the ferry from Corfu to the Greek mainland, and then we spent three and a half hours in an arse end town waiting for the 8.5 hour ferry trip to Bari, Italy. But, in true transit style the ferry was an hour or so late…

We did make some friends at the dock though, 3 Aussie boys and one American. One of the Aussie guys has dual citizenship and claims he is never going back to Aus, so he got himself a pet hamster to travel with to keep him company.

Mum and I explored the ferry… accidently went onto the helipad. Its now 1am, and we have upgraded to a cabin with two sets of bunks, with about 800mm between them. Cosy – if that’s what you call it. So when I wake up in the morning I will be in Bari.

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