Family holiday

This is how the last few days of family holiday has gone…

Chianti to Piza via Florence. A massive, massive day of walking aswell as a massive hill climb run in the morning, finally my calves were feeling the hard work.

Piza was short lived, but fun! We were probably there about 17 hours if that. Family domestic at dinner…always fun, but you do need one on every holiday.

Our goal after Piza was Verona, but the football game, Germany v Argentina was on and we had to find accomadation by then. I am glad i caught that game, what an upset! Stayed in a town called Peschiera del Garda, a beautiful lakeside, yachting community village (just can’t get away from the yachts, can i?)

Absolutely beautiful place, a total jackpot!

Sunday got us into Venice, it has always been my number one Europe destination. And it has not disappointed, however I do feel a little chlostaphobic inside these walls and canals. Tonight is the last night of family holiday, and then off to Barcelona to saty on a friends couch tomorrow.


1. Get a really small car if you can because it is maniac, stressful for me and I didn’t even drive!

2. Don’t go with your family…we backed this onto a week on a yacht and two weeks in confined spaces may have been a little optimistic.

3. Have maps of the cities you are going through, we spent a good time lost.

4. Forth and final, teach your mother how to account for all her belongings, so you don’t have to spend unecessary time waiting at bus stops with her!

But, really great week and I look forward to Barcelona!

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