Even if it costs you 20 Euro, one must buy a map. I think even if I lived there I would still find myself getting lost.

Remember, that all mixed drinks are free poured. Once I ordered a vodka and soda with a slice of lemon. In a big coke glass I got probably half a glass of vodka and half WATER with two slices of lemon. On a second occasion, I ordered a vodka orange juice (red orange in Europe), perfect big glass lots of ice and twice as much vodka. I even went back on a second round and i think the glass was two thirds vodka.

I felt my days of travel with a massive backpack were numbered, for this holiday I opted for a bag on wheels. I am trying to decide whether this has been the best decision. In the airports the wheels are awesome but the number of stairs I have carried the bag up i can’t even count, and it only weighs a light 14kgs. For example, Venice, not a city that you want a bag on wheels. All the bridges are stairs, the paving is irregular and I had to climb four flights of upright stairs to get into the apartment. Plus the stairs up to the loft.

Venice defiantly created some giggles along the way.

The bankcard story: Mum and I are at the Cashpoint (ATM). We get to the end of the transaction where you have to pull the card out of the machine. But, it was hot, our hands were sweaty and after 30 seconds of trying, the bank eats my card. Mum is freaking out because the bank ate my card ( I am trying to get her to relax about these travel crisis). I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to see my card again, a major inconvenience. For a long shot we went into a bank, lucky it was attached to a bank and it was during the day. After bluffing our way through the cue, we explain what has happened. The bank lady must get it all the time because she stood up with a set of keys and proceeded to get my card back. 20 minutes later she comes back with my beloved card and I show my passport and sign, and it is in my possession again. I haven’t got anymore money out since as I am a little scared to stick my card anywhere.

Bag Story: Probably one of my highlights of Venice. I have always wanted to buy a bag off the street but have never seen anything i liked. I find a bag, I ask the price. Too much of course. I haggle, he says “55 Euro” I say “no”, he says “two for 120 Euro” I say buddy “that is more than the price you quoted for one”. He laughs and knows I got him there. I get him down to 50 Euro, then he talks my sister into a bag for 25 Euro, and then for a further 20 Euro Mum gets a back also. Love it!

Venice was seriously hot, but a great place for siesta time. As far as nightlife, there isn’t any!

Landed in Barcelona tonight, been out for tapas and enjoying the cool breeze now as I write this at 12.30 in the morning. Barcelona is a massive place and lots to explore.

Until next time…

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