If there was a food bar like Fresc Co in every city then my life would be heaven. The Spanish have got it right this time. It is an all you can eat, lunchtime place.

This is what happens…

You enter the premises by a turnstile. You then get a tray, a plate (or two) and a bowl of soup if you want it. First there is a choice of fruit. Keep sliding along and you find an array of basic salads, iceberg lettuce, tomato, cucumber and maybe a couple others. Next you have the choice of brown rice, pasta salad, chickpea salad and a couple more.

After you have dealt with salads, the person behind the counter asks you what drink you want. Soft drink and water is included in price. Or you can upgrade to a fresh juice or an alcoholic beverage. You arrive at the cash register to pay 9.95 Euro.

After paying there is the main HOT course. Pasta, roast chicken, roast vegies, vegie slice amongst a couple more (sorry about the vagueness but my memory is letting me down right now). Ok so that is food finished.

You now move to the desert table. Tea and coffee. Yoghurt, fruit salad, soft serve and cakes.

I remind you again, it is all you can eat. There were people with piles of food on their plate, supposedly its custom in Spain for a big lunch!

Amazing. Exactly what I wanted, as I had been wandering around for an hour trying to find a suitable meal WITHOUT bread involved.

By freedomtiger Posted in Travels

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