Yesterday I went for a 35 – 40 run in Barcelona in the morning. I then spent probably between 5 and 6 hours walking around. I was walking in my volleys, so there is no arch support, producing my feet to fall very flat on the ground. I had very sore feet last night.

Today I skipped the run and thought it was best that I wear my runners and orthotics to walk around in all day and maybe then the balls of my feet would stop hurting.

I would have walked between 7 and 8 hours today, up hills, down hills and on grass and pavement. My calves seemed to hurt more and were distracting me from my feet. Anyways I get home this evening and I thought I better have a look at my feet and maybe give them a bit of a massage.

There are blisters on the balls of my feet near the toes.

How cool is that? I walked until my feet had blisters. Tomorrow, I might catch the train a couple of times.

Barcelona is saving my soul, I don’t know if its the people I’m hanging out with, all the walking or the fact that I spoke to my bestie today, but, something is bringing me back to life.

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