‘Twas close to midnight before we ate dinner.

Tonight I had a truly Spanish experience with a German twist.

We didn’t leave the house for dinner until 11pm. We feasted on beautiful food and red wine, as well as my Australian friend there was also a Spanish bella at the table and it made dinner all the more authentic and entertaining.

At approx 1am, we make our way our to a discotheque (nightclub), there is no one there it is too early for everyone to be about. After a super strong vodka we hit the dance floor (still empty). 2.10am is the time when people starting flocking in, the place is open until 6.30am.

We drank, we danced, we had a good time!

(need to run tomorrow, have not run the last two days on account of my blisters).

Great day touring Barcelona and a great night…

By freedomtiger Posted in Travels

One comment on “‘Twas close to midnight before we ate dinner.

  1. Dear Sam,
    You are writing a great blog.I feel sometimes that I am there with you although I am sure that it would cramp your style.I am impressed that you have been able to stick with much of your programme and take care of fitness,diet and writing.
    You are in Spain at a very propitious time and will be able to feel the national excitement as they battle the Netherlands in the final of the World Cup Soccer.
    Barcelona is certainly a fantastic city and the Picasso museum ,which is not too far off the Ramblars,is worth a visit .Barcelona is where the great artist started his painting.
    Love Dad

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