Thankyou Barcelona

My time in Barcelona is coming to an end, I take this time to reflect back on the last four days of my life.

I have walked many, many kilometres, I only wish I was wearing a pedometer. I have seen inside “Casa Batllo”, where the works of architect, Gaudi were at their best. I have admired “Sagrada Familia” from the outside and I have spent time walking through the “Park Guell”.

I have sat and cried about my life in the “Parc de la Ciuta della” and tried on countless outfits in the beautiful shops. I have walked along the Marina, passed the “Mirador de Colom” and onto the man-made,  floating island that has shops, cafes and the Aquarium.

I have wandered the “La Rumbla”, holding tightly onto my bag and watching the street performers and the mad array of tourists. I have had dinner with a local girl at a local eating time (who might I add also speaks perfect English as well as Spanish). I have been out to a bar where it doesn’t get busy until 2am, where I met a nice man from Germany.

I have walked through “Espanya” gates, up the hill past the “Font Magica de Montjuic” to the “Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya”. I explored where the 1992 Barcelona Olympics were held, which is one of the many highlights in Barcelona. I then walked further up the hill to “Castell de Montjuic” where I looked over the whole city.

Today I was in the middle of a Spanish – Catalunya protest, which a tourist could easily mistaken for a pre- World Cup Final parade.

And on top of all that, I have ate well, enjoying the local cuisine and tapas. I have been merry with friends and I saw the game that put Spain in the World Cup Final.

I am exhausted, but it is welcomed. I have blisters and sore muscles. I am currently running on four hours sleep, a heap of walking today and a run this morning. I am not looking forward to the repack of my bag, especially since I bought more clothes.

Barcelona has made me excited about life again, I will be forever grateful. Except that it is near impossible to avoid wheat and dairy in this place.

I thank my friend for putting me up in his place for five nights and showing me the sites.

Bon Voyage for London tomorrow!

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5 comments on “Thankyou Barcelona

  1. Your friend thanks you for coming to see him and you certainly helped rejuvenate him during very trying times…love ya Sam!x

  2. Dear Sam,
    I loved the photos.You look very good and so does Barcelona. The architectural heritage is a fantastic extravaganza which your pictures capture.Is there anything Barbara and I can do for you as you wend your way homeward.Give all those Spaldings my love and best wishes.
    What news is there on the professional front? Your new approach to life must impress those close to you.It certainly impresses me!
    Have a “Bon Voyage” and I look forward to your next Bulletin.
    Love Dad

  3. dearest sammy,
    im loving your fantastic, and awe inspiring photo’s…..looks amazing and so do your guns…might I add.
    Can’t wait to give you a massive dj hug!
    proud of you lady
    mel xxx

  4. I have enjoyed reading every day of your journal and
    feeling your happiness, ambivalence, joy, fatigue, and
    personal growth. May London be great and the trip
    home as restful as it can be. Look forward to knowing
    more about the whole experience.

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