Relax… but not for long.

A welcomed day of chilling back at the Mothership in Amersham.

I just went for a great run to the Old Town through the fields, I had to do a quick spot of walking up the hill but the time was 55 minutes. I am on schedule for the goal of running for an hour before I get back to Australia.

All the Wheat and Dairy that I consumed in Barcelona has caught up with me today… a runny nose (dairy) and a dry throat (wheat).

I am so happy that Detox has help me mange my health and I know exactly what gives me all the side effects of tonsillitis (even though I don’t have my tonsils).

I am super excited about a packed week in London, lots of stuff to do. Off to Twickenham tonight, and then Earls Court for the next two nights after that!


3 comments on “Relax… but not for long.

  1. Barcelona sounds as tho u really enjoyed great, u were living it up so no wander u felt a little under the weather , enjoy london
    it all sounds very exciting

  2. Chilling in Amersham sounds pretty good. I hope that London is an enjoyable close to your adventures.You seem to be able to manage a really full travel agenda and still look after your health. Are these comments on your blog the best way for me to be in touch with you?
    I hope that London turns on some good weather for you and Keep running.
    Love Dad

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