Hillatoppa, Hilla, Hilla, Hillatoppa

I heard this joke in Barcelona…

What do you call someone that can speak 3 languages? Trilingual

What do you call someone that can speak 2 languages? Bilingual

What do you call someone that can speak 1 language? English

But, I can’t help but welcome the fact that I am in an English speaking country and I can read the labels on products and speak to people at the bar and in the street etc.

Anyways, last night I took my cousin, Patricia* to a Hilltop Hoods concert. It was at KOKO in Camden Town. The place is amazing, an old theatre that has been transformed. There are 5 or 6 bars, 4 levels and an outside patio area. The place was sick, and the sound was the best I have heard at a Aussie Hip-Hop gig in a really long time.

So I introduced my cousin to Aussie Hip-Hop in the best way i knew how. I took her into the moshpit. It was crazy! Horrorshow supported and he was spot on, for a second we thought he might show up Hilltops. But, then Hilltops came out and absolutely smashed it!!!

And it was only 16 pound 50. Brilliant!

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3 comments on “Hillatoppa, Hilla, Hilla, Hillatoppa

  1. I like the joke but the description of the concert was in a language only vaguely familiar to me. I gather that it was an exciting concert and worth the price of admission.
    Love Dad

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