Was the juice worth the squeeze?

My cousin, Patricia*, whom I am staying with in London is a chef. She wants to get her website going so she can start working for herself. Perfect, my sister is a photographer. They decide to do a photoshoot at our Aunty’s house (The Palace)  in the country.

Here is the predicament, we need to get all the food and ourselves up to The Palace in Amersham. Patricia* and I go through the motions, we picture ourselves trying to carry all the stuff, and then we decide to hire a car… No cars available.

That’s okay, we can tough it on The Tube. We load ourselves up. I have my handbag, two massive pieces of cardboard and a shopping trolley. Patricia* has her backpack, two cooler bags, two trays full of food and a small plastic box that has fragile canapes in it. May I add, if anyone touches that box with fragile canapes in it, then Patricia* will yell at you.

We are now ready to leave Earl’s Court. We step out the door, and bang, it starts raining (more like pouring). We miss a train at the station and all the other passengers are looking at us like we a weirdos.

Change trains at Paddington, change trains at Marylebone. It was so inconvenient at Marylebone station, nobody moved to let us out of the train. Patricia* then gave me the hot tip, don’t move for anyone, pretend you don’t see them and keep walking.

From Marylebone, we get an overland train to Amersham. Perfect, six seats between us we can sit down and relax. Next stop a bunch of primary school kids get onboard, it just keeps getting more exciting for us. Patricia* was singing to herself as she often does and one of the little girls tells her that she likes her voice. After a short time of conversing, Patricia* has convinced this girl to sing her a “Take That” song.

We have to cut her off to get our stop. We are met at the station by the Amersham Taxi Services (in a Mini Cooper). It was a struggle to fit everything in the car, and we had to stop at the supermarket on the way. But, we got there in the end… The photos are great, and the day went relatively smoothly, except when my Aunty accidently squashed a canape or two!

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2 comments on “Was the juice worth the squeeze?

  1. The journey to the Palace in the company of a famous chef and her ingredients for a feast which is not to be eaten but photographed has a lot of excitement but one unanswered question,”how did the food taste?” I am amazed that you and Patricia were able to negotiate that complicated stretch of London underground with fatal injuries to only two canapes upon arrival at the Amersham Palace.
    I have tried a couple of times to ring you and will try again soon.
    Love Dad

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