English Culture

I have spent the last two days introducing my best friend, Jimmy Recard*  to some English Culture.

My Aunty put on a massive lunch spread at “The Palace” yesterday. BBQ Roast Lamb and Chicken with Sweet Corn, veggies, salad and more! We ate about 3pm and there were 10 attendees in total.

For desert there was a choice of chocolate pudding, sticky toffee pudding, fruit salad and GLUTEN free Summer Pudding.

Following the formalities of lunch there was a Croquet “Championship” tournament. Teams of two were chosen, I was paired with Jimmy Recard*. My sister and Gordo* played together, my Aunty and Uncle were and team and Numnuts* and Pirate* were the other team.

There was a heap of stick being thrown around the field and Numnuts* had confidence early on. Jimmy Recard* and Pirate* had never played before, so aswell as involve themselves in banter, they had to learn the rules of the game.

As usual, my Uncle went about the game quietly and came up with the Gold Medal place, Jimmy Recard* and I were in Silver and, Gordo* and my sister came in Bronze spot.

The evening was spent relaxing in the sun drinking “PIMS”, beer and wine. A singles match of croquet was played, Jimmy Recard* came in Gold and I managed Silver.

A drive down to Marlow today, where we picnicked and walked along The Thames, the sun was out again.

I am happy to have introduced my best mate to some English culture the last two days and I wish him safe travels for the next 6 months in Europe.


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