Laughed until I cried

I find it hard to believe that 6 weeks ago I was dreading going on holiday. Although, I was looking great and feeling fit, I was not playing at 100% and I was wishing the days were shorter. I didn’t want to leave the security of my house and my belongings around me.

But, slowly I began to feel more like myself. It helps when you have an awesome family that you can’t help laugh AT.

How can I complain?

I just went to a four day wedding in the UK. I spent a week on a 51ft Cruiser yacht in the Greak Isalnds. I road tripped through Italy with my family. I spent five nights in Barcelona and I had a crazy week in London.

I had such a brilliant time, somewhere between admiring Gaudi creations, sweating my body weight and Spanish Tapas I got my mojo back. I can honestly say that the week I spent in London was the most fun I had in a really long time. I saw Hilltop Hoods. I drank beers and tequilla with a couple of my best mates. I chilled with family and  I laughed until I cried.

But, after a holiday, I always enjoy getting home and back into my own bed.

Believe it or not, I actually am looking forward into getting stuck into work. I have been working with a brand called “Like A Freak” and the founder, Mark Dobson has just released a new book.

The book is called “Parenting Freak Ability”. Mark asks the parents of Australia’s elite athletes how they brought out the best in their children, and how parents in the future can do the same. Mark has spoken to parents of Grant Hackett (swimmer), Andrew Gaze (basketball), Richard Harry (rugby union) and Peter Siddle (cricket), just to name a few.

I am excited to be working with Mark and his brand “Like A Freak”, the new book will bring new and exciting experiences both professionally and personally.


3 comments on “Laughed until I cried

  1. Interesting account of “transition” from home to
    vacation to home. What a good time you had and you are
    now ready to take up what you love in a fresh way.
    Nice comments about Dobson’s book. He should do well
    with it. Barbara

  2. Pleased to see you back on blog. I hope that the “freakin’ ” work goes well and that Dobbo’s book has a fabulous launch.I am sorry that I won’t be there.
    You sound as though you are back on the home trail with lots of exciting things to do. Keep on doing what you feel is the best way forward for you and your developing skills.I am proud of you.
    Love Dad

  3. Cool Honey you are awesome good luck to Dobbo and his book and u and look forward to reading it and going to the launch

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