I’ve got my sights set on the next “Sunset Circus” concert, and nobody is going to talk me out of that one…

My new perspective on life and I had a very interesting, somewhat strange weekend. I guess the height on the peculiar arose on Friday night. Originally I was pumped about seeing my friends band “Sunset Circus” play in North Melbourne. I have not seen these guys for years and it was going to be an excellent chance to catch up. But, motivation to make it there dwindled and I was left wanting to fall asleep on the couch.

A quite catch up with a friend, dinner and movie at home replaced my prior plans to step out in the world. I was actually pretty excited, my couch at home is super comfy and there was leftover chicken in the fridge.

I get a phone call, things have changed. We are now going into to the city to see a band (NOT “Sunset Circus”), there is talk of a limousine ride in and free drinks on the bar. Okay, I can do that, but hold the drinks for me… body not functioning too well.

I end up driving into the city, in a car that is not mine, and I could have used a couple of toothpicks to keep my eyes open. The bar was called “Empress”. It was $7 to get into the band area. It my have been the worst $7 I have spent in my life. I have seen numerous bands live, it is a pastime I enjoy very much. But, this night was the worst gig I have been to. First, the bands had no talent, and if they did, it was very basic. Second, the sound guy needs to go back to TAFE or something because the balance in the room was ridiculously  bad.

We left “Empress” and continued on our wild goose chase to find better music, we landed at “Blue Tile” in Fitzroy. Although this place had a semi-cute bar attender, the music did not get any better and I gave into the fact that this was a strange night to tick off the books.

I left half the crew there and drove my mate home. We decided that next time that someone comes up with the master plan of a limo and free drinks, that we shouldn’t be fooled. We agreed that the couch night is what we should have done, but we also agreed that in a roundabout way the night was mildly entertaining and at least we got to catch up.

Thursday night, “Sunset Circus”, Chapel Street, I’m there…



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