When I was in London I was amazed by their “free from” section in “Waitrose” supermarkets. The range of dairy free, nut free, gluten free and other free options was highly entertaining for me. The two items that I became fond of were the “Go Natural” bars, you can get them in a  gluten and dairy free option. There are some in Australia, but they are the only the ones that have been coated with honey. The other item that caught my attention was “RAW” bars, a natural raw nut and fruit bar.

These two snacks are great whilst on the move. I now wished I had stocked my bag up with these two items for the flight back to Australia… even though they may not have lasted long back at home.

There IS a point to the above story.

Today I walk into “Cafe Odo” in Black Rock and discover a little gem. The brand “Emma & Tom’s” have just started selling raw fruit and nut bars. So whilst my coffee buddy had  a latte and custard donut, I had a soy latte and a fig and lemon raw fruit bar. It was highly satisfying.

Many people have been looking at me as if I’m crazy for making all the changes I have to my diet. But, it has become instinctive to me. If I treat my body with respect and feed it what it needs 90% of the time, then that other 10% of the time I can get away with a croissant here, or a chocolate pudding there.

For more information on “Emma & Tom’s” new Life Bar, the first of its kind in Australia, check out the link below. If you are looking for a natural, tasty snack, you won’t be disappointed.


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