Sport Talk versus Fashion Tips

I realised today, that besides a 30 minute meeting with “Lifeblood Productions” I did not have any contact with the female species.

I rarely comes to my attention that I seem to be surrounded by the opposite sex. But, today at the Melbourne Tigers offices whilst I was working on the “Big V” program it became very clear to me. I found myself tuning into the conversations that were going on around me. Like most conversations that occur at the Tigers office it was about sport, it just seemed to be a heap more fueled than usual.

This morning the office was at a full house, plus some. There were the regular four staff members, plus Warrick Giddey and two Irish, basketball playing students that are currently into their 6th week of a 10 week exchange in Melbourne. Mind you, one of the Irish exchange students is actually an American that went to study in Ireland, that has come on exchange in Melbourne. Anyways, as you can imagine that is quite a lot of talk for one small office. I find the time I spend in the Tigers offices somewhat comforting.

At lunch, I left the Tigers office and drove over to the “Like A Freak” office in Port Melbourne. Where I spent the afternoon working alongside three male specimens. We jump straight into the task at hand, brainstorming and working through the long list of topics we have to discuss. Social Media expansion, Facebook Widgets and “Parenting Freak Ability” book sales. There are no airy fairy conversations about the day, or talk about what we all had for breakfast. It could be due tot he fact that men cannot do two things at once, but, things get done!

And that is my conclusion, I felt as if today I got things done. Was it because I wasn’t distracted by clothing, what I was doing Friday night or what I was going to eat for dinner? I’m not sure. I mean I am happy to sacrifice my love of girl talk to be surrounded by sport talking men. If hanging out with men is going to enable me to be more productive in my career, then I’m okay with that…

I can always do with a little more highlights and statistics talk in my life…


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