WARNING: This Blog contains the Blood Rule…


I was concentrating on getting on the T-bar that I did not see the unfortunate turn of events that happened right in front of me…

Lee was content to get the T-Bar by himself, being on a board that is how he likes to roll. At the last minute Tina decides to head up the mountain with him ( I was on the T-Bar with her the time before, she is on skis). That last minute decision to let Tina ride with him, cost Lee $350.

So here I am about to get on the T-Bar with a fellow boarder and there is Lee and Tina sprawled across the path in front of us. They are laughing their heads off, they only got about a metre before they were unbalanced and hit the deck. I hate holding up a lift line and I was yelling at them to get off the track so I could get up the mountain and ride some more…

Finally, after many T-Bars pass us by, we were off up the hill. Out of our crew of seven there were 3 of us waiting up the top of the T-Bar, laughing and having a good time with not a care in the world. And then comes the news, the Ski Patrol is down the bottom checking Lee out.

We strap into our boards as quick as we can and head down the run to see what is up. There is blood everywhere. Lee had said that he stood up and looked down to see that he had ripped his board pants on Tina’s skis during the fall. He then proceeded to further investigate the hole and was faced with a shock. Under the board pants, his leg was pouring/squirting out with blood. The cut was deep.

I noticed Lee had gone a little pale. The Ski Patrol quickly got him seated on the skidoo. Although, Lee still had enough spirit to joke about driving the vehicle and put his thumbs up for a picture. Lee was to spend the next hour or so in the medical centre whilst five of the crew continued to ride (Tina went to the medical centre with him since she was the one that cost him the money).

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It was a beautiful, perfect day at Buller. This is a great rarity for the mountain, where quiet often you will get wind, fog, snow and sun all in one day. Besides that little hiccup at the bottom of the T-Bar, the day was slammin’ and we were kickin’ it down the runs with a good speed behind us. Lunch in the sun, and laughs all round. Really, it was a beauty of a day.

Whilst Lee was getting internal and external stitches in his leg because it was so deep, the remainder of the crew that didn’t go to the medical centre made our way over to the ABOM for a apres beer. For most of us, it was a perfect way to finish the day.

Thanks crew for an entertaining, old-fashioned fun day on the slopes.


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