The challenges of my everyday life.

Lately, I have been thinking a heap about image. Detox, dietary change and exercise are all the contributors for my thoughts. I look in my wardrobe, and probably like the majority of females, there are lots of clothes. There are lots of options but I feel that nothing is going to make the impact I want. I want to put the best part of me forward into the world…

Today, I decide is the day I am going to cull… or, I should say, I am going to try to cull. I think I have managed to cut about 10 items, I was trying to be ruthless. But, here is the thing. About 3 years ago when I broke up with my first boyfriend, I was super skinny and I bought all these amazing clothes. Since then, my weight had got the better of me and the vicious circle got hold of me. I am not saying I was a house or anything, but the items that I was wearing 3 years ago, needed a toned body in them.

Today, I was able to fit into every item in my wardrobe (I fear some stuff might even be too big). So there is my predicament on why I haven’t culled more stuff. The memories come flushing back of when I wore that top there, or that dress here, the awesome times spent dancing and laughing.

It’s easy to throw away the clothes, but you don’t want to throw away the memories with them.

Do you think it is possible if I was to take pictures of the clothes and stick them inside my wardrobe, that the memories would stay forever?

I want to upgrade my look, but, I have no room to put anything…


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