freedomTiger takes on the future!

Okay so here is what is up with freedomTiger….

I just got a new iMac so now I can actually run all the programs that I need, my macbook is going to love the weight that gets taken off its shoulders and it will be able to think properly again!

freedomTiger is building it’s social media clients and I have also been doing some PR stuff aswell, which is awesome!

I have had a dream for about three years to host “My Music Dream”. Stay tuned for more information on this as it unfolds in my brain, but the ball is defiantly rolling.

As for the Vlog, some of the topics that are coming up are as follows. Tips to make horse riding more time manageable, eating out with a special needs diet and cooking at home as a Vegan (that is with help from Sheridan Smith). And, also segments on how the training for the half marathon in October is going. Today my training buddy and I went up and down the thousand steps in Dandenong, bit scary our last lap was in the dark.

My webpage will begin to expand in the near future, to make it easier for all of us!

I am working on the Melbourne Tigers TV show for the up and coming 2010/11 NBL season. The first episode, I hope will be the 11th October. Players Cam Tragardh and Tommy Greer will be the presenters for the show that will be available on

So there is lots of stuff to be super excited about and I hope you can be on for the ride… I am just waiting on my new video camera so I can get started on the Vlog.

Also you can now follow freedomTiger on twitter @samfreedomtiger, and you can join our group on Facebook. Or in on the right of this page you can email subscribe to the blog.

I am looking forward to the future…

PS. One more thing. I created a new word last week. Brimmed: To be completely and utterly full after a large meal. Use it people, but remember to credit me!


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