Crazy minds make great entrepreneurs…

I spent yesterday boggling my mind alongside a couple of crazy minds. And, when I say crazy I mean really smart and good at what they do. I spent the day in the “Think Tank”, a place designed for creative thoughts to be unleashed.

The day was spent alongside Brad Smith, founder of braaap motorcycles and multi-winning Young Entrepreneur of the Year and Mark Dobson, author of Parenting Freak Ability, founder of Like a Freak and Innate Solutions. We strategised to keep moving braaap and Like A Freak into the future.

Talk about a heap of thoughts bouncing around one room at once. My brain was overwhelmed with information and exciting new concepts. I just hope I can take away a few things to use in context to freedomTiger.


3 comments on “Crazy minds make great entrepreneurs…

  1. It is great to see you concentrating hard on the things that you really want to do.It won’t be easy, but watching your efforts and talent bringing results is a great spectator sport. I have signed on for a season ticket.
    Love Dad

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