Fear for Spring!

A few years ago Mum and I thought we had finally lost those magpies that kept swooping us when we rode us horses down the road during Spring…

Apparently not.

Today I am enjoying a casual run down the road and through the paddocks, I have my ipod blasting and I am enjoying my own company.

Bam! All of a sudden I feel a gust of wind gush through my hair and then I see it fly past me.

A big, black and white, smart alley magpie. Mine and magpies relationship with one another is way past personal.

The vicious animal pushes me into a sprint, whilst yelling (over the noise of my headphones, the whole neighbourhood could probably hear me), and waving my hands above my head. It swoops me another 2 or 3 times, and then I see another one getting a look in… but it didn’t dare.

I love Spring time, the flowers come out, Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival, but today I remember the things I don’t enjoy about the season…. mmmm, MAGPIES!

How can such a small, fluffy animal instill so much fear in a full sized human being?


2 comments on “Fear for Spring!

  1. I remember the swooplng magpies when riding the bicycle around Port Phillip Bay. Thank goodness for the bicycle helmet which mitigated some of the terror.
    Love Dad

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