Ben Cousins

I love being able to witness history. In January I was at the Winter X Games and I watched the first skier ever to do a 1620 rotation! It was madness!

Today I went to see Ben Cousins’ last AFL match for the same reason, so I could witness history. But, to tell you the truth it wasn’t exactly how I imagined it in my mind. I expected to see his grace and flare on the field but he was barely running, he hardly spent any time on the field and he wasn’t up for kicking the ball. However, the small amount of time that he did spend in play, he was the major assist and contributed highly to the third quarter turnaround (before it was turned back around).

But, I was curious to see him play after the massive hype around his “Such is Life” documentary that was played this week. At least I will now be in the loop when people are talking about seeing Ben Cousins’ play.

It wasn’t like witnessing the 1620 at the X Games but it was history and I am happy with that!


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