I’m in two minds…

When I was younger I had “growing pains” in my right knee, something that I was bound to grow out of.

In 2003, I am not sure if I was still experiencing “growing pains” but I had a snowboarding fall where I fell really hard on the ice. My knee blew up, and I was unable to bend it, there was no chance of seeing my knee cap anytime soon. This happened on the first day of SnowSports Interschools and I was entered in 6 events for the week. I didn’t want to let my team down, and I didn’t want to miss out on conquering 6 events. So I finished all my events, I took a little off the throttle for the moguls, which really disappointed me because I did like to see how far down the course I could get off the first jump so I could do less turns. It took a long time for that knee to get better.

Following 2003, I have spent a lot of time horse riding and snowsports and in the cold, the knee really does hurt. The Physio’s advice was to give up the snowboarding, that advice was something I was never going to take.

Anyway in 2008, I took a massive tumble of a push bike in London and again the knee swelled up (not as bad as 2003), but it seemed to take a long time to calm down, even now I still feel a little extra fluid in there. Most days I walk around with a click in my knee.

And now, I am entered for the 2010 Half Melbourne Marathon. My feet are flat, so I am constantly getting blisters. I rolled my ankle really bad a few weeks back and the knee still hates the cold. Although I feel the fittest I have ever been it still takes me like an hour to run 8 km’s or so, and to this day I haven’t really run more than that. And the Half is only 6 weeks away!

So I am in two minds about this Half Marathon thing. I mean I have enough willpower to get me through. But, am I stupid to do this to my body?

I don’t know what to do? I don’t want to puss out but I also don’t want break myself?


3 comments on “I’m in two minds…

  1. Dear Sam,

    I think you should continue with your training, and whilst doing so, listen to your body.

    If you give up now, you will always wonder “could I?”.

    If at any point, your body tells you to slow down, stop, rest etc, just do it.

    If you make it to the marathon, take part, go as far as you can, but have to slow do or stop, who cares?

    At least you tried…you had the experience, and that’s what life is about.

    Love Dolly Parton

  2. Dolly Parton has handed out some pretty sound advice about your participation in the Half Marathon. Knees are hard to reolace and you have a long life ahead when you will want to use it. Country western sings a sweet song.
    Love Dad

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