A few hours that one may choose to forget… except that i blogged about it.

So this is how my last few hours went…

I planned to attend free music workshop tonight run by Freeza, at last minute I rang the Shire to see if they were taking a car load of people down…beauty I can save some petrol cashola!

A little bit about the workshop…

FReeZACentral also annually runs eight free music industry career workshops for 15 to 25 year olds between August/September around Victoria each year.

Experienced trainers come together with established professionals from the industry to discuss what’s involved in their positions as well as career opportunities available in their sectors.

By attending the FReeZACentral Workshop Program and completing assessment sheets, participants can get free accreditation towards a nationally recognised Certificate 3 or 4 music industry qualification, and access further free accredited training through NMIT.

Those aged 18-25 are also eligible to apply for the FReeZACentral Mentoring Program. Applications for the mentoring program are annually open August to November.

2010 Workshops will feature:
– Catherine Haridy (Mngr Eskimo Joe, Bob Evans, Fmr A&R Mushroom &Warner)
– Megan Washington (Washington)
– Lindsay Gravina (Producer at Birdland Studios, Jet, The Living End)
– Michael Crafter (Confession)
– Mark Lang (Skipping Girl Vinegar)
– Jimi Maroudas (Independent Producer (Eskimo Joe, Bertie Blackman)
– Natalie Bell (Director, Milefire Management, Oh Mercy, Whitley, Muph & Plutonic, Plutonic Lab)
– plus representative from Soundwave Festival & Touring, Roadrunner Records, Destroy All Lines, The Espy, Samurai AV and more to be announced

Pretty cool, right? It is not often you get access to these sorts of people. Since I have rekindled my “Music Dream” I figure it would be a worthwhile experience.

Anyways, I get to the Shire office and everyone is running late. We leave Lilydale 15 minutes before the event is supposed to begin in MORNINGTON. We pile in the bus and BAM there is handcore rock playing on the itrip, ah oh. I put my ipod in my ears for some Aussie Hip Hop. Then everyone is hungry so we stop for Hungry Jacks (doesn’t really fit my dietary requirements).

We are an hour and 15 minutes late to the workshop, what is the point, I think. Such a waste of an evening, no networking or mingling for me. We catch a glimpse of the end of the evening, I am hungry and I’m cold. I have to get back in the bus with scary, angry rock playing again.

Whilst on the way home ( I have my earphones in) I have three highly immature males sitting behind me. On the way to the workshop they were doing the whole I am a retard in the window thing, hilarious, NOT. On the way back it is dark and they decide it would be funny to try and set my brand new, gorgeous, white beanie on fire. I smell something burning. I turn around and say “Are you trying to set my beanie on fire?” One of them does the ‘It wasn’t me’. I say “Grow up” and then I turn back around, a tiny bit scared inside. I love my new beanie.

To paint you a picture of these guys… They were about 17/18 years old, in VCAL, excited about flunking their exams because they don’t need an ENTER score to get into the TAFE course they want to do next year. They all smoked ’cause its cool’ and they were skinny enough that if I pushed them they would probably fall over.

When I got home I had a bowl of cereal…


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