Random is my middle name…

I have been informed that I have been putting my loyal followers through a tumble dryer and putting it on high!

Meaning that everyday that you log on to see what is happening on freedomTiger, it can be a bit of a catch 22 of what you are going to get.

For me it’s hard to say what I am going to be doing on any given day, so that is why the posts are a little random. I eat out randomly, I meet people randomly and I have random thoughts, and thats what I guess my blog is reflecting at the moment.

This is what you can expect to see on freedomTiger: (keep in mind you can also catch the videos on Youtube: freedomtigertv)

Cafe Vlogs– Who is supporting the Gluten Free Diet and How well are they supporting it?

Interesting People I Meet– Sometimes I am amazed at the people that are out in the world and I just want to tell more people about them, people like Chris Roberts (AFL Umpire), Sheridan Smith (Vegan Chef) and Melanie Lambourn (St. Mel Clothing). And, hopefully many other people in the future.

My Personal Reflections – Thought of the day, my reflections for the day or what is going on inside my overcrowded, yet simple, mind.

I will try and add some regularity to it for you. Another Vlog idea I have is “Top 10 ways to make horse riding more time manageable” which I will share with you in the future. Maybe when the weather is a bit nicer, and the rugs and the horse are not muddy!

Hope this clears some things up! Bye for now!


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